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"Adele Dubois brings finesse and grace to the page.
Captivating characters and tightly woven
plots give readers a fabulously robust story."
~ L.A. Banks, NY Times Best-selling Author

Mother Earth's Big Day

March is the month of rebirth, resurrection and fertility, when Mother Earth begins to awaken from her long winter slumber, when the sap begins to flow again, when seeds are planted, and daylight begins to outlast the darkness.

It all starts on the Vernal Equinox, which occurs on March 20 or 21 and is marked by celebrations of all sorts that reach back far in time. Many cultures celebrate the New Year on the Equinox, also known as Eostar. To others, it's Mother's Day. For ancient Greeks, the Equinox was when Persephone returned from Hades and Dionysius came out of his winter long depression...more  

Cold Comfort
February brings rituals of fertility, love, death, purification—and a lunar eclipse

Is anything more romantic than a full moon? The moon’s pull on us is primal, and it goes deeper than merely providing atmosphere for starry-eyed walks on the beach. The moon carries serious fertility mojo—for crops and for people. Many gardeners believe the phases of the moon affect germination and growth of plants, and there’s no denying the phases of the moon mirror the human menstrual cycle...more


Infuse Your Book With Emotion: THE METHOD

It all started when a critique partner pointed a finger at me and said, “You’re a Method Writer!” Finally, someone labeled the exhausting energy surges, fluctuations in appetite, and sweating I experienced during the writing process before nodding off in my chair and beginning the cycle again...more


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