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"Adele Dubois brings finesse and grace to the page.
Captivating characters and tightly woven
plots give readers a fabulously robust story."
~ L.A. Banks, NY Times Best-selling Author

2007 Stroke of Midnight Award-winning Story.

Simply Romance Reviews-Grade A, Outstanding Read!

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Dream Traveler, February 08
Ellora's Cave
ISBN-13: 978-1419914720
Genre: Futuristic/Romance
Format: ebook

Emily Hopkins has sexy daydreams and secret erotic fantasies that are suddenly coming true.

And they’re ruining her life.

All she wanted was some zing in her ho-hum sex life. After twenty-five
years of an otherwise happy marriage, her raging peri-menopausal hormones keep her in a constant state of arousal --just as her nest

empties and her overworked husband Bill falls asleep each night in the family room recliner after supper.

When Emily wins a weekend island getaway in an online erotic essay contest, she hopes the beach fling with her husband will cure her mid-life blues--until she learns the prize doesn’t include him. There is another tiny entry detail she missed without her reading glasses--the exotic island is a youth restoring, anything goes, sex theme resort.

Emily vows to stay out of trouble on Isle de Paradises, but temptation, including a mystery man who watches her from the shadows, lures her. When chilled cups of Olympus Elixir and a spa treatment called VIGR-X bring her restored short-term youth, her resistance begins to crumble. The most beautiful men and women on earth offer her every erotic desire she has ever dreamed of. Yet, she loves her husband. Will she act out her fantasies or choose fidelity?

Tempted to the breaking point, Emily faces the choice between honoring her marriage vows and submission to Paradises’ carnal pleasures. Will she surrender? Or will she discover the secret to renewed marital passion and live happily ever after?

"A first class reading experience!"
~ The Romance Studio



GRADE: A  Outstanding Read! ~ Simply Romance Reviews

"A first class reading experience! ~ The Romance Studio,  4.5 Hearts!

"Adele Dubois' characters are endearing." ~ Joyfully Reviewed

"I can sum this up in 3 words HOT HOT HOT!" ~ ParaNormal Romance

"A sexually charged story...Incredibly explosive...fast-paced...intense! An erotic fantasy that will start those fires burning!" ~ Novel Talk

     “More champagne, senora?” The airline host held out a fresh, sparkling crystal flute filled with bubbling, water-clear liquid. His hand was angular chiseled brown granite, made to hold a woman steady in his arms. He flashed a smile of white, perfect teeth between full, firm lips, and his dark eyes conveyed a subtle invitation.
     For her or the champagne? Emily tossed away the notion that his smile meant anything more than business. She was twice his age. She looked around the plush, first class compartment of the airliner at the other, younger women travelers. Surely this host was just being friendly.
     There was that smile again. Emily met his eyes. They flickered with warmth and soft, seductive light. Flecks of green and taupe pulled her in, and she licked her lips absently, mentally tasting his as she reached for the glass. His fingers touched hers and a spark of electricity snaked up her arm. The tips of his fingers lingered against the back of her hand just a beat too long, and her eyes fluttered in mild surprise. His bold return glance dared her to reject him.
     “The champagne is invigorating, no?”
     Emily hesitated, holding his stare while she registered his question. Familiar, warm champagne tingles skittered along her body--along with something else she at first could not identify. She frowned slightly in concentration, breaking the spell. What was it?
     The answer crept into the back of her mind but she dismissed it as ridiculous. How could she feel younger and more confident after a mere glass of champagne? She stared at the elegant glass in her hand and noted the clean, sharp lines of the crystal, though she wasn’t wearing her reading glasses. She batted her lids in confusion. Didn’t alcohol dull the senses, not sharpen them?
     “It’s wonderful. Smooth as satin.” The champagne was ice cold on her tongue. Her nostrils flared as she swallowed. Goosebumps formed along the length of her arms. Her breasts began to ache.
     “Specialty of the House. From your hosts at The Traveler Channel. It’s called Olympus Elixir.”
     “Nectar of the gods. I get it.” Emily smiled. Two glasses of anything was usually her limit, but she could make an exception for this. A surge of energy roared through her bloodstream. The pulse in her neck quickened. The host glanced down at her again through half open lids and his lips curled in a faint half smile from one corner of his delectable mouth. The tip of his pink, round tongue touched the center of his bottom lip and disappeared.
     Emily swallowed another sip of elixir to keep her own tongue from hanging out like a hound dog. What was she doing flirting with this…this baby? She was a married woman for goodness sake with a fine man at home.
     I’m only looking, a voice whispered inside her head. Her conscience apparently needed a good swift kick in the ass. 


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