Motorcycle Heat
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Loose Id

{unedited excerpt}

"If you could be anyone in the world, or do anything else you wanted with your life, what would you choose?" Antonio asked as they lay side by side on the ground, watching a shooting star through the treetops.
Lisa didn't need to consider her answer. "To be me," she replied.
Antonio rolled toward her on his side and traced the line of her jaw with his forefinger. He seemed surprised. “Not some movie star? The first female president? A famous singer?”
Lisa shrugged. “I realized as a teenager there was no point in wishing I was someone else. Nobody gets to have a perfect life. All you have to do is look around--you’ll see proof everywhere.” She inclined her head toward Antonio. “Famous women have too much stress. Many say they miss their old lives. Others battle drugs or alcohol or have worse blue problems than I do.”
“Blue problems?”
“Trouble with men. Even the most gorgeous women in the world can’t seem to find a faithful husband.”
“Ah,” Antonio glided his hand across the tops of her breasts and she shivered lightly at the touch. He leaned in to kiss her then, covering her breast with his palm, massaging, while their tongues touched. “But you are gorgeous,” he said, breaking the kiss. “And I'm glad you don't want be someone else. I like who you are. Exactly."
"And who am I, exactly?" Lisa rolled to face him and cupped his cheek in her hand.
"You’re the woman I don't plan to lose." Antonio's eyes glistened in the semi-darkness.
Lisa's arms flushed with goose bumps. “You know, for a flatfoot, you sure know how to sweet talk a girl.”
“Well, I’m Latino, after all.” His grin was sly. Don’t you gringas say that Latin men make good lovers?”
Lisa had to laugh then. “Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, mister. We’ll see if you’re consistent.”
It was Antonio’s turn to smile. He covered his heart with his hand like a Boy Scout. “I promise to do my best.”
“Yeah, we’ll see.”
“A skeptic?” Antonio kissed her mouth again. “I mean what I say.”
Lisa had heard promises before. Her heart seemed to slam shut, suddenly, and she pulled back. She needed to regain control of this situation. What had started as a game for revenge against one man had evolved into a full-blown affair with another.
With feelings attached.

There was no way she could have multiple O’s with a man she cared nothing about. She stared into Antonio’s deep, dark eyes and felt her heart skip a beat as it fought to reopen the steel door she’d just hidden it behind.
Could she be falling for this guy?”
Lisa changed the subject to get a little space between them. “What about you? Did you ever wish you had someone else’s life?”
“All the time when I was a kid.” Antonio raised his brows. “You seem surprised.”
“I guess I am. You seem so self-assured I assumed you were always a cocky bastard.”
“H-m-m. Cocky, yes. Bastard, no. I had a happy set of parents. At least, until my dad got sick.”
Lisa had tried to rile him but he hadn’t gone for the bait. In fact, he’d taken her dig in stride and was still quite affable. He smiled across their makeshift bed, which, for some reason, annoyed her.
“I wanted to be a train conductor when I was a kid. They seemed so powerful in their uniforms, collecting tickets, always stern and shouting stations. I thought they were at least as tough as cops, and probably made lots more money.” His lip twitched with the recollection and he seemed embarrassed for an instant. “My dad never put me down, though. Never tried to convince me that conductors weren’t law enforcement. He let me have my little fantasy.”
Lisa felt bad now for being mad at him. They’d had great sex and, even though he’d had an orgasm and was probably tired, he was making real, actual conversation.
Maybe she’d better take a harder look at Antonio Alvarez.
She must have stared too hard because he stopped talking and stared back.
“Are you laughing at my conductor worship?”
“Not at all. I think you’d make a wonderful conductor. Though you’d still be a man in uniform.”
His eyes smoldered. “I’m not in uniform now, though. In fact, I’m still naked as a corn cob.”


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